SUP Moment in the great Oulanka Nationalpark

SUP Moment in the great Oulanka Nationalpark

Duration: 24 hours / Difficulty: Moderate

A moment is a 24 hour slow adventure to Oulanka National park and arctic wilderness. Your body and mind are breathing the arctic beauty and pureness in the Oulanka National park. This moment takes you along the Oulankariver into the silence of the wilderness. It is a moment, where you are able to slow yourself down. You will start to be aware of the passing moments. The magical Finnish summer and midnight sun will be your guides. The river, sand beaches, local stories, camp fire, local seasonal wild food and sleeping in tents. Sharing thoughts and good feelings, of being just where you are, at this precious moment. This is what make this moment great.

A moment in the wilderness will take your mind to a place where you can look at your life in a more relaxed way. A moment lasts for 24 hours, without any hurry. It is just a moment to treasure, to have in the wilderness with an all-inclusive service.

We want to present the Oulanka National park to you and give you a moment where you can stop and listen, relax and appreciate you and the surrounding. Make this moment special and share it with your family, friends and loved ones!

Take a moment in life and share a slow adventure in wild arctic nature with us!

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