Ice climbing at Korouoma nature reserve

Ice climbing at Korouoma nature reserve

Duration: 10 hours / Difficulty: Moderate

We will hike and climb in the Korouoma valley in the pure silence of the winter wonderland. Though it is a very famous sight and we can not guarantee a total silence. The ice climbing program is suitable for persons that have a good physical condition and are looking for a great new winter experience. Someone who want to test their limits in arctic conditions or just want to have a try at Finland's legendary ice climbing sights, in a safe manner. 

We will meet in Outdoor Passion Finland Arctic office in Ruka Village and check all before departure. Climbing equipment and safety gear are given at the meeting point, in our office. We will hike, climb and enjoy the Korouoma magical scenaries. You will hear stories about local nature and learn a lot about ice climbing. A professional climbing instructor will guide you to, on and at the Korouoma ice sights and surrounding. You will have full introduction and guidance on every stage. Before you know, you have spent a whole day to this program! A nice camp fire with delicious lunch is included, as well as warm juice during the day. After lunch, we continue ice climbing according to how we feel. We return to Ruka in the evening. We recommend you have a good breakfast before departure and take some snacks with you. Program duration is approx 10 hours. Min. age: 16 yrs and physically strong enough to climb and mentally to stay outdoors the whole day.

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